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Live Sound

Full Service

Professional Audio Services is a full-service company providing musicians and event promoters with sound engineers, tour production management, audio equipment rentals, and sound reinforcement systems. Whether you require only one sound
engineer who can also help manage your event or a complete sound system and road crew to support a larger one,
Professional Audio Services has the business experience, equipment, and personnel you need!

For the Promoter

Smoother Events

We can make your event run smoother by organizing schedules, controlling equipment and technical issues, and
communicating with staff and promoters. You can now focus on the task at hand.....great communication = great event!!!

Quality Engineers

Nothing hurts an event more than a seemingly deaf engineer with a bad attitude. Professional Audio Services’ hand picked engineering staff guarantee a crystal clear sound every time. (We constantly receive wonderful comments from musicians
on our stage about how professional we were with great sound and a great attitude) More that that, our engineers are
easy to get along with! Whether you are an event promoter, technical director, guest engineer, or musician; you will find
our staff to be friendly, courteous, and helpful. For bios of some of our senior staff, click here

For The Engineer

Top Notch Equipment

With signal processing by Lexicon, TC Electronic, Xilica, Yamaha, Klark-Teknik, Rane, and others, PAS has a digitally
controlled, analog signal path that is crystal clear and smooth as silk. Our amps and speakers, including heavy hitters like
Crest and Community, BGW and QSC ensure power that won’t let you down.

For The Musician

Assistance can be provided with the production of your technical contract riders, stage plots, and input lists. Your act will appear more professional, have quicker sound checks, and will perform better.

Commercial Installations

Professional Audio Services provides turn-key solutions for permanent audio video installations in religious houses of
worship and corporate applications.

Professional Audio Services was originally founded with the intent of working with touring bands in concert venues; however,
it wasn't long before the company was being hired to provide sound systems for corporate functions, prayer meetings, and conferences. Clients were impressed by the level of professionalism exhibited by Bob and his team. It wasn’t long before the company was being asked to quote on permanent installations in religious institutions and other public buildings.

Designing any new permanent installation requires much preparation and this is when Professional Audio Services truly excels. A well-organized staff with over 90 years of combined experience works ceaselessly to ensure that every project is customized to the specific needs of the client.

Here’s how it works:

First, we assess the needs of the client, the physical parameters of the building (an installed system should be aesthetically as well as acoustically pleasing), and any budgetary concerns.

Next, we develop a comprehensive plan. Whenever possible, we try to propose a few options at different price points – each of these options is discussed in depth, in laymen’s terms, and without the excessive use of technical jargon.

Upon approval, we install the system quickly and efficiently. Then, we “tune” the system to maximize its benefits and teach the end-users how to operate it.

Finally, we make ourselves readily available for phone and field support.

In other words, we work with you to develop the system you need - for now and for the future. We want to be part of your team. Professional Audio Services has developed quickly into one of the most trusted names in the area.

Note: We are not tied to any single manufacturer and do not work on commission.
We are here to serve you!

Professional Audio Services now illuminates visually as well as aurally! From small static lighting systems to large productions with strobes, haze, and moving-fixture computer-controlled systems, we provide all the lighting and visual special effects required to make your event unforgettable. We also supply video screens and projectors for any type of event.

Need lighting that lasts? Professional Audio Services can help design, source and build lighting systems for permanent installation in any commercial or religious venue. Ask us for a quote today!

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