Founded in 1994 by Robert Picard in reaction to the growing need for quality sound reinforcement at an affordable price, PAS has developed quickly into one of the most trusted names in the area.

Professional Audio Services is a different kind of sound company. Dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction
as any successful business should be; however, with an emphasis on the human-ness of its staff, each employee
was hand-picked as much for his/her personality as for the talent each possessed.
Bob's own meticulous attention to detail, his commitment to customer care, and his unbending belief in honesty at all
times have combined with his talent as an engineer to create a working relationship with his clientele that is unparalleled
in the area.

Professional Audio Services also excels in complete turn key solutions for permanent audio installations in religious
and corporate applications.

Meet Our Team

Our team of very personable, hardworking quality staff is what makes Professional Audio Services
stand apart from the competition.

Jordan Abraham
Production Coordinator

Part of Bob's "A Team", Jordan has been with the company from its inception. He is well-versed in many different kinds of
music (both as a player and as a tech). In 1993, Jordan graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston with a dual
degree in Music Production/Engineering and Music Synthesis with minors in Composition and Philosophy. Upon his return
to Canada, Jordan began his own project studio which continues to be one of the busiest studios in the area.
In 1997, Jordan delved into sound system design and has been growing in that field ever since. Recently he was certified
as a "divisible space specialist".

Jordan has an uncanny ability to help clients simply understand the highly specialized technology necessary in the installation
field and strives to make user interfaces as simple as possible while retainingmaximum functionality.
When not involved in the technology, Jordan can be found playing the accordion or piano in three bands,
photographing/video-ing the world around him, or reading in his library.

Ron Chilton

Since completing the engineering program at Recording Arts Canada. Ron has been working full-time in the music
industry. He has built his reputation on being well organized, confident, and skilled in his work, but it is his great attitude
that keeps the clients requesting him by name. Ron is not only one of our earliest employees (over a decade!) but is also
the first call Front of House engineer. In addition to being the "Live Sound Guy", Ron is also a highly coveted studio engineer.
Over the years, Ron has worked in numerous studios; although, these days, you are most likely to find him lurking around
Cedar Tree Studios in Kitchener Ontario where he works as a producer/engineer and as the production assistant to famed
producer Rick Hutt.

While Ron has been working seemingly non-stop in the music business, he has also recently made some time to be a part-time student at Wilfred Laurier University where he is pursuing his other interests.
When asked why he likes being part of Canada's music community, he shrugs his shoulders and turns on the boyish charm
for which he is known, “Well, I’m caught in the middle. Of course, I enjoy working with and around people - but I really love the toys.”

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